Periodicals - Frequently Asked Questions

What are periodicals and serials?

Publications issued on a regular basis are periodicals. Weekly magazines, scholarly journals, and newspapers are all examples of periodicals. Serials are any periodicals, books, yearbooks, or indexes that are issued in a series. All periodicals, therefore, are serials but not all serials are periodicals.

Where can I find magazines and journals?

There are magazines and journals in Mullins Library and in all the branch libraries. Branch libraries have their own selection of periodicals in specific subject areas. Staff at each library can assist you in locating a specific title on the shelves.

How can I find the call number of a periodical?

To find a specific magazine or journal, choose Journal Search in OneSearch.

How are the periodicals arranged?

In Mullins Library, current (unbound) issues of many periodicals, normally 1-2 years old, are shelved by Library of Congress call number on the 3rd floor in the northeast alcove.

What are bound periodicals?

Magazines and journals whose previous issues have been bound together into book form are called "bound periodicals". These have the same call number as the single, unbound issues on the 3rd floor in the northeast alcove.

Where are periodicals from previous years?

Many older (bound) issues are housed in the Library Annex or by call number in the stacks on the third or fourth floors of Mullins Library. Some older periodicals are available on microfilm or microfiche housed in one of our storage facilities. These items can be requested for viewing.

What's the difference between microfilm and microfiche?

Microfilm is film on reels. Microfiche is film on flat cards.

Are there other microforms?

A Microcard is a 3-inch x 5-inch reduced-print, non-transparent card. A Microprint is a 5-inch x 8-inch reduced-print, non-transparent card.

How are microfilm and microfiche arranged?

Most microfilm and microfiche are arranged by Library of Congress call number.

Do microform journals keep the same call number as the print journal on the shelf?

Yes, they do.

Can I get a copy from microfilm or microfiche?

From the microform readers you can save digitized images to a flash drive. You must provide your own flash drive. You can also save images as a file and email the file as an attachment to yourself.

There are no printers available on microform readers.

What does it mean when the location is Library Annex?

In order to conserve space, the Libraries have placed older volumes of many journals in an off-site storage facility. If the volume you need is in the Library Annex, you can request a copy or scan through OneSearch.

Where can I find newspapers?

The most recent issues of some domestic and international newspapers are kept on display shelves in the northeast alcove on the 3rd floor. Only the most recent months issues are kept physically. Digital newspapers can be found on the Current Newspapers Received tab.

Can I check periodicals out?

Yes, all current and bound periodicals can be checked out at our Help Desks.

How can I contact Multimedia Services?

Please call 479-575-4104 for Multimedia assistance.