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Riales, Roy, 1909-1985
Roy Riales Papers
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MC 1631
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The Roy Riales Papers were donated to the Special Collections Department, University of Arkansas Libraries, on February 8, 2006 by Thomas Riales of Houston, Texas.

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Biographical Note

Roy Riales was born December 24, 1909 in Mena,Polk County, Arkansas. He was educated at Georgia-Carolina School of Commerce in Bronswick, Georgia and after completing courses in Business Administration he received a diploma in 1925. Before Riales went into politics, he was a civil engineer by profession. He began his profession as a civilian staff member of the army corps of engineers. He also was with the general land office, re-surveying boundaries for the forest service, other government departments, biological survey in several state and with the United States Resettlement Administration. In 1938, Riales' conservation interest led him to run for the state legislature from Polk County, which at the time had one representative. Riales was elected to five consecutive two year terms to the Arkansas House of Representatives (1938-1948) and served as speaker of the House in the 1947-1948 session. It was at this time that Riales also had the opportunity to act as Governor of Arkansas for three days while the lure of football on New Year's Day, 1948, led Governor Ben Laney, to Birmingham, Alabama, to witness Arkansas beat William and Mary College, and Lieutenant Governor Nathan Gordon to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas.

That was not Riales' only venture into politics. He served as secretary to U.S. Congressman Fadjo Cravens, of Fort Smith, from 1939-1944, while at the same time serving as a state representative in the Arkansas Legislature. Riales resigned his secretary position to join the United States Army, but was injured in a bus wreak April 18, 1944, on the way to Camp Robinson in North Little Rock, where he was to be inducted into service. As a result he became active with the Arkansas National Guard advancing from the rank of lieutenant to lieutenant colonel. Furthermore, Riales was Provost Marshall, and Inspector General during World War II, and served three years as Liaison Officer in Washington, D.C. for the Arkansas National Guard.

In 1940, Riales became affiliated with Grapette, a soft drink manufacturing company located in Camden, Ouachita County, Arkansas. Riales moved to California, in 1947, to work in the newly opened Grapette distribution plant in Tulare. While in California, Riales served in a number of public jobs, including a postmaster from 1951, until his resignation in 1952 to return to the political arena in Mena, Arkansas.

Riales campaigned throughout his district and was elected to the state senate. Riales served as state senator for the sixth district, representing Polk, Howard, Sevier, and Little River counties, from 1955-1961. During that time he was unanimously elected President Pro Tempore of the Arkansas State Senate in the 1959-1960 session. Throughout his extensive career as a public servant Riales served on several legislative committees, including: Insurance, Workman's Compensation, Budget and Public Expenditures, Refunding, Claims, Finance and Banking, in addition to serving as Chairman of the Federal Relations, Interstate Cooperation , Veterans Affairs, and Roads and Highways committees.

He was married to Madean Wood of Mena and had two children Roy Lee Riales Jr., and Thomas Dean Riales. He continued to be a life-long Democrat until his death in November 1, 1985.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of correspondence written by various politicians. Much of the collection contains newspaper clippings, tracing Riales' political career, and the restoration of Queen Wilhelmina State Park, and Arkansas highways. Also included in the collection, are several photographs documenting his career in the Arkansas Legislature.

Oversize items are located at the Library Storage Annex.

Arrangement of the Papers

Materials are arranged by topic.

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection

Box 1

Box 1 Folder 1

Account and Supplemental Statement, 1952

Box 1 Folder 2

Arkansas Congressional And Senatorial Districts

Box 1 Folder 3

Arkansas Flag

Box 1 Folder 4

Arkla Village Emmett, Arkansas

Box 1 Folder 5

Campaign Circulars

Box 1 Folder 6

Newspaper Clippings, Arkansas Employment Security Division

Box 1 Folder 7

Newspaper Clippings, Arkansas Highway Commission

Box 1 Folder 8

Newspaper Clippings, Arkansas Highway Department

Box 1 Folder 9

Newspaper Clippings, Arkansas Industrial Development Commission

Box 1 Folder 10

Newspaper Clippings, Barham Family

Box 1 Folder 11

Newspaper Clippings, Campaigns

Box 1 Folder 12

Newspaper Clippings, Children's Colony

Box 1 Folder 13

Newspaper Clippings, Civil Service Commission

Box 1 Folder 14

Newspaper Clippings, Drought, 1954

Box 1 Folder 15

Newspaper Clippings, Education

Box 1 Folder 16

Newspaper Clippings, Eldridge and Wallace "Horse-Trading" Controversy

Box 1 Folder 17

Newspaper Clippings, Orval Faubus

Box 1 Folder 18

Newspaper Clippings, Forman Cement Plant

Box 1 Folder 19

Newspaper Clippings, Claris G. "Crip" Hall

Box 1 Folder 20

Newspaper Clippings, Highway 88 and 8 Projects

Box 1 Folder 21

Newspaper Clippings, Highway Safety Conference, May 8-9, 1946

Box 1 Folder 22

Newspaper Clippings, Insurance Code

Box 1 Folder 23

Newspaper Clippings, Maner-Womake Case

Box 1 Folder 24

Newspaper Clippings, "Mays Plan" Congressional Redistricting

Box 1 Folder 25

Newspaper Clippings, Mena

Box 1 Folder 26

Newspaper Clippings, Military

Box 1 Folder 27

Newspaper Clippings, Obituaries

Box 1 Folder 28

Newspaper Clippings, Official and Unofficial Election Returns

Box 1 Folder 29

Newspaper Clippings, Personal

Box 1 Folder 30

Newspaper Clippings, Personal Politics

Box 1 Folder 31

Newspaper Clippings, Political Cartoons

Box 1 Folder 32

Newspaper Clippings, Politics

Box 1 Folder 33

Newspaper Clippings, "Practical Attorney" Bill

Box 1 Folder 34

Newspaper Clippings, Public Service Commission

Box 1 Folder 35

Newspaper Clippings, Publicity and Parks Commission

Box 1 Folder 36

Newspaper Clippings, Queen Wilhelmina State Park Banquet, March 21, 1957

Box 1 Folder 37

Newspaper Clippings, Queen Wilhelmina State Park Construction

Box 1 Folder 38

Newspaper Clippings, Queen Wilhelmina State Park Funding

Box 1 Folder 39

Newspaper Clippings, Queen Wilhelmina State Park History

Box 1 Folder 40

Newspaper Clippings, Queen Wilhelmina State Park Kansas City Southern Miniature Railroad

Box 1 Folder 41

Newspaper Clippings, Queen Wilhelmina State Park Queen Juliana of the Netherlands Visit

Box 1 Folder 42

Newspaper Clippings, Queen Wilhelmina State Park Restoration, 1981

Box 1 Folder 43

Newspaper Clippings, Queen Wilhelmina State Park Rich Mountain Site Selection

Box 1 Folder 44

Newspaper Clippings, Queen Wilhelmina State Park Skyline Drive Project

Box 1 Folder 45

Newspaper Clippings, Queen Wilhelmina State Park Tulip Queen, Augusta de Zoete

Box 1 Folder 46

Newspaper Clippings, Queen Wilhelmina State Park General

Box 1 Folder 47

Newspaper Clippings, Roosevelt Garden Party, May 6, 1940

Box 1 Folder 48

Newspaper Clippings, State Burial Association Board, 1953

Box 1 Folder 49

Newspaper Clippings, State Burial Association Board Controversy, 1955

Box 1 Folder 50

Newspaper Clippings, Taxes

Box 1 Folder 51

Newspaper Clippings, Tri-Lakes Commission

Box 1 Folder 52

Newspaper Clippings, Tulare, California Campaigns

Box 1 Folder 53

Newspaper Clippings, Dr. John Woods

Box 1 Folder 54

Newspaper Clippings, General

Box 1 Folder 55

Correspondence, 1948-1961

Box 1 Folder 56

Correspondence President Pro Tempore Congratulations

Box 1 Folder 57

Cranking Up The Old Machine, 1968

Box 1 Folder 58

Dedication Of The Thomas Jefferson Memorial, April 13, 1943

Box 1 Folder 59

Governor Faubus Appointment Commission Certificates

Box 1 Folder 60

Insurance Agent License, January 1960

Box 1 Folder 61

Louise Durham School Dedication, Mena, Arkansas, August 21, 1955

Box 1 Folder 62

National Association of Insurance Commissioners Meeting Zone 5 Hot Springs, April 29-May 1, 1959

Box 1 Folder 63

National Conference of State Legislative Leaders Albany, New York, December 6-9, 1959

Box 1 Folder 64


Box 1 Folder 65


Box 1 Folder 66

Queen Wilhelmina State Park Banquet Program Materials, March 21, 1957

Box 1 Folder 67

Saunders Memorial Museum Dedications, October 11-12, 1956

Box 1 Folder 68

Senator John L. McClellen Campaign Materials

Box 1 Folder 69

Special Session State Senate Bills 2-12, January 19-20, 1960

Box 1 Folder 70

TAB: Official Publication of the Arkansas Business and Truck Association, April 1960

Box 1 Folder 71

Travel Allowance Brief

Box 1 Folder 72

Travel Business Speech, September 19-24, 1960

Box 1 Folder 73

Work Activity

Box 1 Folder 74

General Materials

Box 1 Folder 75

Arkansas State Capitol (Images 1-3)

Box 1 Folder 76

Arkla Village Emmett, Arkansas (Images 4-9)

Box 1 Folder 77

Decathlon Tulare, California (Images 10-12)

Box 1 Folder 78

Dedication of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, April 13, 1943 (Image 13)

Box 1 Folder 79

Freshman Senate, 1954 (Image 14)

Box 1 Folder 80

Fresno Scottish Rite Special Class, 1950 (Image 15)

Box 1 Folder 81

Governor Orval Faubus (Images 16-23)

Box 1 Folder 82

Gavel Presentation, Roy Riales to Clifton Wade, 1961 (Images 24-25)

Box 1 Folder 83

Gavel Presentation, Sam Rayburn to Roy Riales, 1959 (Image 26)

Box 1 Folder 84

Highway Celebration Rich Mountain, 1959 (Images 27-35)

Box 1 Folder 85

Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center National Conference of State Legislative Leaders, May 12, 1961 (Image 36)

Box 1 Folder 86

Insurance Legacy Honors Roy Riales, September 16, 1960 (Images 37-40)

Box 1 Folder 87

Legislative Page, Steven Wood, 1961 (Image 41)

Box 1 Folder 88

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, September 1954 (Image 42)

Box 1 Folder 89

Post Office of Mount Ida, Foreman and Glenwood, Arkansas (Images 43-62)

Box 1 Folder 90

Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Billiards Table, 1973 (Image 63)

Box 1 Folder 91

Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Gift Shop, 1973 (Images 64-65)

Box 1 Folder 92

Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Grand Opening Banquet, June 21, 1963 (Images 66-72)

Box 1 Folder 93

Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Inn Opening, 1963 (Images 73-75)

Box 1 Folder 94

Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Kansas City Southern Train, 1973 (Images 76-77)

Box 1 Folder 95

Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Petting Zoo, 1973 (Images 78-79)

Box 1 Folder 96

Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Tulip Queen Luncheon, 1957 (Images 80-88)

Box 1 Folder 97

Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Wilhelmina Van Galen Last, August 11, 1960 (Images 89-90)

Box 1 Folder 98

Queen Wilhelmina State Park, General (Images 91-93)

Box 1 Folder 99

Roy Riales (Images 94-102)

Box 1 Folder 100

Senate President Pro Tempore, January 1959 (Images 103-112)

Box 1 Folder 101

Senator Hattie Caraway, ca. 1935 (Image 113)

Box 1 Folder 102

Senator John Miller, ca. 1959 (Image 114)

Box 1 Folder 103

Ships (Images 115-119)

Box 1 Folder 104

Special Session Oath of a New Member, January 19, 1960 (Image 120)

Box 1 Folder 105

State Capitol Albany, New York, December 1959 (Images 121-126)

Box 1 Folder 106

Washington D.C. (Images 127-144)

Box 1 Folder 107

Miscellaneous (Images 145-148)

Oversize Item 1

Framed Newspaper Clippings Collage, 1971 (Oversize)

Oversize Item 2

Framed 68th General Assembly of the State of Arkansas Composite Photograph, 1971 (Oversize)

Oversize Item 3

Framed and Signed Certificate of Merit 68th General Assembly, February 15, 1972 (Oversize)

Oversize Item 4

Framed Outstanding Service as Chairmen of the house Committee on Education 72nd General Assembly Certificate, 1979 (Oversize)


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