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Forms for Requesting Special Collections Materials

Apply for Privileges

Researchers may request specific materials from the manuscript collections by providing information from the finding aid that will identify their location. The Application Form will be filed for permanent reference in the department. Users should follow instructions carefully.

NOTE: Have you previously submitted an "Application For Research Privileges" form? Any access to our archival holdings requires that a completed Application for Research Privileges be on file with us.

Email form = Online submission
PDF File = Print and mail

Email form Application for Research Privileges

PDF File Application for Research Privileges

Request Copies

To obtain photocopies, complete and return both an application form and a photocopy request form. You may copy these or request them by e-mail, telephone or mail. Include your full name, address, phone number, and e-mail address in your communications with Special Collections. Please see our complete Duplication Fees and Policies for further Information.

The charge for photocopies is thirty cents per page, with a minimum of two dollars for postage. We will notify you of the cost of your request, and payment is required before the work will be done.

Email form Photocopy Request - Manuscript Materials

PDF Document Photocopy Request - Manuscript Materials

Email form Photocopy Request - Published Materials

PDF Document Photocopy Request - Published Materials

Email form Scanning Request

PDF Document Scanning Request

PDF Document Charges for Duplication Services

Other Request Forms

PDF Document Permission to Publish Request Form

Email form Special Collections Storage Requests

Email form Poster Request Form

PDF Document Poster Request Form

For further assistance, call (479) 575-5577, or email To reach us via the University Libraries' toll-free number, dial (866) 818-8115 and ask for Special Collections.

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Last updated: January 16, 2014