Graduate Student Speaker Series

In collaboration with the Graduate School and International Education, the University Libraries hosts a Graduate Student Speaker Series during the academic year. This series provides graduate students the opportunity to present research or creative works they have done using materials from Special Collections, and get feedback from our community as they continue their professional development. All graduate students are welcome to apply, and we encourage applications from across disciplines. To apply, fill out the application below.

Please contact Kara Flynn, Research & Educational Services Archivist at with questions or for more information.

Apply to present your research at the Graduate Student Speaker Series.

Past speakers

  • Fall 2019, Marie Totten, Political Outcast: ‘Justice Jim’ Johnson and Massive Resistance in Arkansas
  • Fall 2019, Airic Hughes, Through the Heart of the City: I-630 and the Re-segregation of Little Rock
  • Fall 2019, Will Teague, Deportation as Diplomacy: Carter and the US-Iranian Relationship
  • Spring 2019, Robyn Spears, Arkansas Aprons: Women's Diaries and Food in the 19th Century
  • Spring 2019, Scout Johnson, Mothers of Intention: The Road to a Dissertation Lies through Special Collections
  • Spring 2019, Alex Marino, Were the Crusade or Mr. Hargis made aware? Fulbright, the Christian Crusade, and Portugal's Cold War Propaganda
  • Fall 2018, Sarah Riva, Overthinking the Dissertation: One Grad Student's Story of the Research Process
  • Fall 2018, Jama Grove, Ecological Trepidation: Arkansas, DDT, and the Creation of Integrated Pest Management
  • Fall 2018, Arley Ward, The Religious Right to Oppress? Gay Marriage, Slavery, Miscegenation and the History of Religious Exemptions
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