Threat Assessment / Disaster Preparedness Task Force


The Threat Assessment / Disaster Preparedness Task Force is charged with identifying the types of threats / disasters to Mullins Library and the branch libraries, developing a strategic procedural plan for use during an emergency, a communications plan, and an instruction/ training program, and a schedule for conducting drills to ensure all personnel are prepared to respond appropriate to threats and disasters. This Task Force will: • Collaborate with UAPD and other campus personnel to conduct a risk assessment of each library facility • Determine risks specific to each location • Draft a strategic procedural plan aimed at reducing the impact of those risks • Develop a communications plan to notify necessary personnel of impending, imminent, or ongoing emergency situations • Identify areas where training opportunities exist • Finalize a training schedule and periodic drills necessary to familiarize personnel with procedures • Implement the plan, monitoring participation and feedback and adjust as needed


  • Jeff Banks (chair)
  • Lori Birrell
  • Debra Cheval
  • Sherryl Faulkner-Robinson
  • Kathleen Lehman
  • Mandi Smith
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Frequency of Meetings

As necessary.


Archived Documents

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