Diversity and Inclusion Task Force


The Diversity and Inclusion Plan Task Force is charged to create a Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Plan for the University of Arkansas Libraries. Building on the principles of inclusion and equity, the plan will describe how the Libraries will deepen and enrich a culture and climate of diversity and inclusivity in support of the broader mission of the university.

Specifically, the Task Force is charged to:

  • Identify ways to offer assistance, information, and pedagogy opportunities to build equity, diversity, and inclusion at the Libraries.
  • Survey the collection to determine diversity gaps.
  • Determine methods to hire and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce


  • Draft a Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Plan, including policy and procedures, incorporating identified eight guiding priorities. Explain why and how initiatives will respond to each priority.
  • Create collection policy to include more diversity and inclusion materials.
  • Create research guide(s), or other web presence with information and templates, including subject-specific guidance for researchers.
  • Develop templates, documents, and forms for researchers, if needed.
  • Develop a plan to educate the campus community about diversity and inclusive materials in the collection and within the library.


Clear statement of focus – June 30, 2019

Action Plan implemented – August 15, 2019 (any actionable items completed by this date.)


  • Jeff Banks (chair)
  • Lori Birrell
  • Molly Boyd
  • Lisa Headstream
  • Dylan Hurd
  • Deb Kulczak
  • Joel Thornton
  • Marianne Williams
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Frequency of Meetings

As needed to complete the report no later than May 15, 2019.


Archived Documents

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