Scholarly Communications Task Force


The faculty, staff and students of the University of Arkansas are committed to disseminating the fruits of their research and scholarship as widely as possible. Open Educational Resources (OER) are “free AND openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research and other purposes” (Creative Commons Wiki 2018). When used in the classroom they can be accessed by students for free or at minimal cost. By collaborating to create high-quality shared texts, the academic community can dramatically lower the cost of textbooks and class materials for students.

Over the past twenty years, technology has allowed libraries to expand access to printed and unique special collections, to increase their offerings of technology and equipment, to advance the scholarship and data of their faculty and students, and to introduce alternative methods of providing educational resources.


  • Identify Scholarly Communications (Open Access, OER, Open Data) researchers and their information needs
  • Identify ways to offer assistance, information, and pedagogy opportunities
  • Identify which of the eight guiding priorities are most relevant to the Scholarly Communications strategy.


  • Draft a clear statement of Libraries’ focus, i.e. policy and procedures, incorporating identified eight guiding priorities. Explain why and how initiatives will respond to each priority.
  • Create research guide(s), or other web presence with information and templates, including subject-specific guidance for researchers
  • Develop templates, documents, and forms for researchers
  • Develop a plan to educate the campus community about open education and other open access issues.


Clear statement of focus – June 30, 2019

Action Plan implemented – August 15, 2019 (any actionable items completed by this date.)


  • Melody Herr (chair)
  • David Boddie
  • Tess Gibson
  • Melanie Griffin
  • Dylan Hurd
  • Kathleen Lehman
  • Lora Lennertz
  • Deena Owens
  • Bridget Penrose
  • Mandi Smith
  • Elaine Thornton
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