Innovating for a Resilient and Sustainable Future Task Force


The Innovating for a Resilient and Sustainable Future Task Force is charged with is charged with creating a proposal for the establishment of a program to support researchers and interdisciplinary programs working toward innovating for a resilient and sustainable future.

University of Arkansas faculty and students are developing resilient and sustainable food systems, materials and energy infrastructure, and they are finding ways to enhance our communities, supply chains, transportation systems and environments to improve the future for everyone. Libraries are focusing on ways to provide much needed and desired technologies and services such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, computer learning, 3D printing, etc., to further their efforts.

Specifically, the Task Force is charged to:

  • Identify Innovating for a Resilient and Sustainable Future researchers and programs, and their information needs
  • Identify ways the Libraries can offer assistance, information, and pedagogy opportunities to support those needs
  • Identify which of the eight guiding priorities are most relevant to the Innovating for a Resilient and Sustainable Future strategy.


  • Draft a clear statement of Libraries’ focus, i.e. policy and procedures, incorporating identified eight guiding priorities. Explain why and how initiatives will respond to each priority.
  • Create and implement a plan to assess the current collection, identify gaps, and create a collection development plan based on the Resilient and Sustainable Future programs.
  • Create research guide(s), or other web presence with information and templates, including subject-specific guidance for researchers
  • Develop templates, documents, and forms for researchers


Clear statement of focus – June 30, 2019

Action Plan implemented – August 15, 2019 (any actionable items completed by this date.)


  • Joel Thornton (chair)
  • Amy Allen
  • Martha Anderson
  • Molly Boyd
  • Trent Garner
  • Mary Gilbertson
  • Deb Kulczak
  • Jay McAllister
  • Cedar Middleton
  • Judy Robinson
  • Jeremy Smith
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