Cataloging Policies and Practices Review Committee


The committee will make policy and practices recommendations to Judy Ganson, Director for Collection Management & Systems. Committee member may send a designated alternate to meetings as needed. The committee will:

  • review existing policies and practices in all processing units in the Library which affect the display and content of all types of records in the Library's OPAC
  • recommend changes in policies and practices which would provide consistency in the display and content of records and enhance public use of records
  • recommend new policies or set cataloging priorities as needed for new materials or collections
  • document policies and practices affecting the display and content of records in the public catalog
  • review changes in national cataloging standards, policies and practices for implementation in the Library's public catalog consult with other groups in the Library as needed


  • Deb Kulczak (chair)
  • Mary Gilbertson
  • Phillip J. Jones
  • Beth Juhl
  • Mikey King
  • Lora Lennertz
  • Bridget Penrose
  • Colleen Williams
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Frequency of Meetings

As Needed

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