Data Revolution Task Force - Archived Materials


The Data Revolution Task Force is charged with creating a proposal for the establishment of a program for data management in the University Libraries. Research data management includes areas such as data management, metadata schema development and input, standards, policy, and procedure establishment, and repository identification.

Specifically, the Task Force is charged to:

  • Identify researchers' data management practices and requirements
  • Review model data management programs at other institutions
  • Identify skills needed for librarians to participate actively in a data management program
  • Identify training opportunities / needs for librarians
  • Outline standards, including file naming conventions, file organization standards, metadata standards, standards for access to data, citation standards, collecting usage data, migration of formats, etc.
  • Identify policies regarding proprietary or restricted data
  • Identify policies and methods for distribution and/or access of data
  • Recommend best practices for marketing to campus faculty, including information / training sessions
  • Establish a way forward for the Libraries to partner with campus IT and the Office of Research and Development on infrastructure for data management.
  • Identify which of the eight guiding priorities are most relevant to the Data Revolution strategy.


  • Draft a clear statement of Libraries’ focus, i.e. policy and procedures, incorporating identified eight guiding priorities. Explain why and how initiatives will respond to each priority.
  • Create research guide(s), or other web presence with information and templates, including subject-specific guidance for researchers
  • Develop templates, documents, and forms for researchers


Clear statement of focus – June 30, 2019

Action Plan implemented – August 15, 2019 (any actionable items completed by this date.)


  • Lutishoor Salisbury (chair)
  • Melody Herr
  • Beth Juhl
  • Lora Lennertz
  • Mary Leverance
  • Jay McAllister
  • Necia Parker-Gibson
  • Stephanie Pierce
  • Sarah Spiegel

Frequency of Meetings