Web Development Committee - Archived Materials


The Web Development Committee reports to the Libraries Administrative Group and is responsible for:

  • Reviewing materials to be posted on Libraries' website for clarity, consistency.
  • Recommending and developing new modules, projects.
  • Investigating new technologies for Web development and management.
  • Enforcing standards and accessibility guidelines.
  • Assisting all library staff in organizing content for Web publication.
  • Assessing performance of the website in light of user needs and addressing areas needing improvement.
The Web Development Committee is appointed by the Dean. Members have rotating appointments. Each member represents an area or division within the library.


  • Kelsey Lovewell Lippard (chair)
  • Amy Allen
  • Molly Boyd
  • Mary Gilbertson
  • Melanie Griffin
  • Dylan Hurd
  • Beth Juhl
  • Elaine Thornton

Frequency of Meetings

First Friday, 9am

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