Subject Selectors by Call Number

Call Number Subject Area Librarian Initials
A-AZ General Works (Reference) Norma Johnson
A-AZ General Works (Serials) Joel Thornton jt
B-BD Philosophy Mary Gilbertson MAG
BF Psychology Sarah Spiegel SS
BH - BJ Aesthetics / Ethics Mary Gilbertson MAG
BL - BT Religion, Mythology, Theology Tony Stankus TS
BV 1-300 Practical Theology Tony Stankus TS
BV 301- 530 Hymnology Drew Beisswenger
BV 530-9999 Practical Theology Tony Stankus TS
BX Christian Denominations Tony Stankus TS
C - CB Auxiliary Science of History Joshua Youngblood
CC Anthropology Stephanie Pierce
CD - CT Diplomatics; Archives, Seals Joshua Youngblood
D-DR History Joshua Youngblood
DS 1-399 Middle East Mary Gilbertson MAG
DS 400-9999 Far East Joshua Youngblood
DT 1-9999 Africa Joshua Youngblood
DU-DZ Oceania, Australasia Joshua Youngblood
E American History (General) Joshua Youngblood
E185 United States History -- African American Phillip J. Jones PJJ
E99 Native American History Tess Gibson TG
F 1 - 416 United States local history Joshua Youngblood
F 417-419 Arkansas Local History Joshua Youngblood
F 420-1200 United States Local History Joshua Youngblood
F1201-3799 Latin American History Phillip J. Jones PJJ
GB - GE Geosciences, Earth Sciences Stephanie Pierce
GF - GT Anthropology, Ethnography, Folklore Stephanie Pierce
GV 1-1579 Recreation; Leisure Laura Cameron
GV 1589 - 1799 Dance Drew Beisswenger
GV 1800-1860 Recreation, Leisure Laura Cameron
H Social Sciences (General) Sarah Spiegel SS
HA-HB Statistics, Economics Sarah Spiegel SS
HD 1- 1400 Economic History and Conditions Sarah Spiegel SS
HD 1401-2210 Agricultural Economics Donna Daniels DED
HD 2211-9749 Economic History and Conditions Sarah Spiegel SS
HD 9750 Forest Products Necia Parker-Gibson NPG
HD 9751- Economic History and Conditions Sarah Spiegel SS
HE Commerce Sarah Spiegel SS
HF 1 - HF5686.H74 Finance Sarah Spiegel SS
HF 5686 .H75 Hotels, Restaurants Necia Parker-Gibson NPG
HF 5686.H76 - 9999 Agribusiness Donna Daniels DED
HG - HJ Transportation Commerce Finance Sarah Spiegel SS
HM - HN Sociology Donna Daniels DED
HQ Family, Marriage, Women, Gender Donna Daniels DED
HS - HV Societies; Secret, Benevolent Donna Daniels DED
HX Socialism; Communism; Anarchism Sarah Spiegel SS
J - JZ Political Science Sarah Spiegel SS
K Law Sarah Spiegel SS
KF 6495.H67, H68-9999 Hospitality Laws Necia Parker-Gibson NPG
KF1 - KF 6495.H66 Law: United States Sarah Spiegel SS
KFA3600+ Law: Arkansas Joshua Youngblood
KG International Law Sarah Spiegel SS
L - LT Education Laura Cameron
LRC (all LRC call numbers) Learning Resources for Children Collection Laura Cameron
M - MT Music Drew Beisswenger
N - NX Visual Arts Phillip J. Jones PJJ
P Language / Communication Molly Boyd MB
PA Classical Languages and Literature Beth Juhl BJ
PB Modern Languages, Celtic Martha Anderson
PC 1- 999 Romance Languages general, Romanian Martha Anderson
PC 1001 - 1977 Italian Martha Anderson
PC 2000-3999 French, Catalan Martha Anderson
PC 4001-5499 Spanish/Portuguese Language Martha Anderson
PD Germanic Langauges Deb Kulczak DEK
PF Germanic Languages Deb Kulczak DEK
PG-PM Slavic/Asian Languages Martha Anderson
PL - PL7999 Literature - Asian Reference Department
PN 1-1499 Literature - General Molly Boyd MB
PN 1530 - 1989 Drama, Monolog, Dialog, and Performing Arts Drew Beisswenger
PN 1990-1999 Broadcasting / Motion Pictures Drew Beisswenger
PN 2000-3310 The Theater Drew Beisswenger
PN 3311- 3999 Literature - General Molly Boyd MB
PN 4000 - 4355 Oratory Molly Boyd MB
PN 4355 - 4599 Literature - General Molly Boyd MB
PN 4699 - 5999 Journalism Molly Boyd MB
PN 6000 - 6999 Literature - General Molly Boyd MB
PQ 1-3999 Literature - French Martha Anderson
PQ 4000-5999 Literature - Italian Martha Anderson
PQ 6000-9999 Literature - Spanish/Portuguese Martha Anderson
PR Literature - English Molly Boyd MB
PS Literature - American Molly Boyd MB
PT Germanic Literature Deb Kulczak DEK
PZ Juvenile Belles Lettres Laura Cameron
Q General Science Necia Parker-Gibson NPG
QA Mathematics Stephanie Pierce
QA75-76 Computer Science Jay McAllister
QB Astronomy Stephanie Pierce
QC 1-800 Physics Stephanie Pierce
QC 801-9999 Geophysics/Meteorology Stephanie Pierce
QD Chemistry Lutishoor Salisbury LS
QE Geology Stephanie Pierce
QH Natural History Tony Stankus TS
QK - QL Botany / Zoology Tony Stankus TS
QM Human Anatomy Tony Stankus TS
QP - QR Physiology Tony Stankus TS
R - RB Medicine Tony Stankus TS
RC 1-951 Internal Medicine Tony Stankus TS
RC 952-954 Geriatrics Tony Stankus TS
RD - RZ Surgery Tony Stankus TS
S – SB 468 Agriculture (General) Necia Parker-Gibson NPG
SB 469-477 Landscape Architecture Phillip J. Jones PJJ
SB 478 – SB 978 Agriculture (General) Necia Parker-Gibson NPG
SB 979 - SH Agriculture (General) Necia Parker-Gibson NPG
SK Hunting Sports Laura Cameron
T Technology Jay McAllister
TA 1-163 Engineering (General Jay McAllister
TA 164 Bioengineering Jay McAllister
TA 165-169 Engineering Jay McAllister
TA 170-171 Environmental Engineering Jay McAllister
TA 172- Engineering Jay McAllister
TC - TH Engineering Jay McAllister
TJ 1-1479 Mechanical Engineering Jay McAllister
TJ 1480-1496 Agricultural Machinery Jay McAllister
TJ 1497 - Mechanical Engineering Jay McAllister
TK - TL Electrical Engineering, Vehicles/Aeronautics Jay McAllister
TN Mining Engineering Jay McAllister
TP 1-367 Chemical Technology Jay McAllister
TP 368-500 Food Processing and Manufacturing Necia Parker-Gibson NPG
TP 501- Chemical Technology Jay McAllister
TR Photography Phillip J. Jones PJJ
TS Manufactures Jay McAllister
TS 1950-1982 Animal Products Necia Parker-Gibson NPG
TS 1983-2119 Transportation Jay McAllister
TS 2120-2193 Cereals and Grains Necia Parker-Gibson NPG
TT Handicrafts, Arts & Crafts Phillip J. Jones PJJ
TX Home Economics, Food Service,.. Tony Stankus TS
U - V Military Sciences: Armies Joel Thornton jt
Z Bibliography; Library Science Mary Gilbertson MAG
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