The mission of the University of Arkansas Libraries' Cataloging Department is to provide current, complete, and accurate information regarding materials which are either in the libraries' collections or are accessible to library users through OneSearch.

In order to support our mission, the department strives to:

  • catalog newly acquired materials quickly, efficiently and accurately;
  • re-catalog retrospective materials to improve or provide access;
  • provide standardized access to names, subjects, and series titles;
  • physically process the materials quickly and accurately;
  • maintain a current knowledge of national cataloging standards, review and develop cataloging policies and procedures;
  • respond to questions or requests for changes to catalog records; and maintain accurate holdings in OCLC for international access to the University Libraries' materials through interlibrary loan.

Through these and other activities, the Cataloging Department organizes all materials to facilitate searching and retrieval of materials, and to provide an accurate online catalog for research and study.