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Plasmonically Enhanced Photoluminescence of Nanoscale SemiconductorsHeyes, Colin D.Proceedings of SPIE2016
Molecule-specific darkfield and multiphoton imaging using gold nanocagesChen, JingyiProceedings of SPIE2015
High-throughput microfluidic line scan imaging for cytological characterizationFritsch, IngridProceedings of SPIE2015
Optical enhancement of photoluminescence with colloidal quantum dotsHeyes, Colin D.Proceedings of SPIE2015
Piezoelectric 3 D nanostructures for developing point-of-care biosensorsTian, Z. RyanProceedings of SPIE2007
Spatial organization of ZnO nanorods on surfaces via organic templatingTian, Z. RyanProceedings of SPIE2004