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Quantum Reality and Ethos: A Thought Experiment Regarding the Foundation of Ethics in Cosmic OrderSchäfer, LotharZygon2009
Nonempirical reality: Transcending the physical and spiritual in the order of the oneSchäfer, LotharZygon2008
Quantum reality and the consciousness of the universe - Quantum reality, the emergence of complex order from virtual states, and the importance of consciousness in the universeSchäfer, LotharZygon2006
A response to Ervin Laszlo: Quantum and consciousnessSchäfer, LotharZygon2006
A response to Carl Helrich: The limitations and promise of quantum theorySchäfer, LotharZygon2006
A response to Stanley Klein: A dialogue on the relevance of quantum theory to religionSchäfer, LotharZygon2006