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Formation of Reversible Solid Electrolyte Interface on Graphite Surface from Concentrated ElectrolytesXiao, JieNano Letters2017Find It
Are Bidentate Ligands Really Better than Monodentate Ligands For Nanoparticles?Heyes, Colin D.Nano Letters2013Find It
Second-Harmonic Whispering-Gallery Modes in ZnO NanotetrapodTian, Z. RyanNano Letters2009Find It
TiO2 Nanowire Bundle Microelectrode Based Impedance Immunosensor for Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Listeria monocytogenes. (vol 8, pg 2625, 2008)Tian, Z. RyanNano Letters2009Find It
TiO2 nanowire bundle microelectrode based impedance immunosensor for rapid and sensitive detection of Listeria monocytogenesTian, Z. RyanNano Letters2008Find It
Efficient, stable, small, and water-soluble doped ZnSe nanocrystal emitters as non-cadmium biomedical labelsPeng, XiaogangNano Letters2007Find It
Colloidal CdSe quantum wires by oriented attachmentPeng, XiaogangNano Letters2006Find It
High quality ZnSe and ZnS nanocrystals formed by activating zinc carboxylate precursorsPeng, XiaogangNano Letters2004Find It
In situ observation of the nucleation and growth of CdSe nanocrystalsPeng, XiaogangNano Letters2004Find It
Photoactivated CdSe nanocrystals as nanosensors for gasesPeng, XiaogangNano Letters2003Find It
Surface-related emission in highly luminescent CdSe quantum dotsPeng, XiaogangNano Letters2003Find It
Formation of high quality InP and InAs nanocrystals in a noncoordinating solventPeng, XiaogangNano Letters2002Find It
Alternative routes toward high quality CdSe nanocrystalsPeng, XiaogangNano Letters2001Find It