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Simultaneous determination of some opioid drugs using Cu-hemin MOF@MWCNTs as an electrochemical sensorEnsafi, Ali AsgharChemosphere2022
Graphene-like sheets supported Fe-Co layered double hydroxides nanoflakes as an efficient electrocatalyst for both hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction, A green investigationEnsafi, Ali AsgharChemosphere2022
Green application of trimetallic nickel-cobalt-molybdenum nanocomposites on 3D graphene oxide as a powerful electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reactionEnsafi, Ali AsgharChemosphere2022
A theoretical and experimental study of polyaniline/GCE and DNA G-quadruplex conformation as an impedimetric biosensor for the determination of potassium ionsEnsafi, Ali AsgharChemosphere2022