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Shell-Dependent Photoluminescence Studies Provide Mechanistic Insights into the Off-Grey-On Transitions of Blinking Quantum DotsHeyes, Colin D.ACS Nano2017Find It
Reducing Blinking in Small Core-Multishell Quantum Dots by Carefully Balancing Confinement Potential and Induced Lattice Strain: The \"Goldilocks\" EffectHeyes, Colin D.ACS Nano2016Find It
Quantifying the Coverage Density of Poly(ethylene glycol) Chains on the Surface of Gold NanostructuresChen, JingyiACS Nano2012Find It
Probing the \"Dark\" Fraction of Core-Shell Quantum Dots by Ensemble and Single Particle pH-Dependent SpectroscopyHeyes, Colin D.ACS Nano2011Find It
A common mechanism underlies the dark fraction formation and fluorescence blinking of quantum dotsHeyes, Colin D.ACS Nano2009Find It
Zwitterionic biocompatible quantum dots for wide pH stability and weak nonspecific binding to cellsHeyes, Colin D.ACS Nano2009Find It