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Quaternary Core-Shell Oxynitride Nanowire Photoanode Containing a Hole-Extraction Gradient for Photoelectrochemical Water OxidationCoridan, Robert H.ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2019Find It
Enhanced Electrochemical Stability of TiO2-Protected, Al-doped ZnO Transparent Conducting Oxide Synthesized by Atomic Layer DepositionCoridan, Robert H.ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2018Find It
Research Progress toward the Practical Applications of Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesXiao, JieACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2017Find It
Inhibition of Tafel Kinetics for Electrolytic Hydrogen Evolution on Isolated Micron Scale Electrocatalysts on Semiconductor InterfacesCoridan, Robert H.ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2016Find It