Seeded growth of copper-platinum-ruthenium multi-metal nanostructures as active electrocatalysts

by Chen, Jingyi


Multi-metal nanostructures of specific compns. and enclosed by certain facets can significantly enhance their catalytic reactivity and selectivity for chem. reactions assocd. with energy conversions, including transformation of chem. and solar energy to electricity. In this presentation, a seeded growth of copper-platinum-ruthenium multi-metal nanostructures will be presented involving the use of copper nanoparticles as seeds. By tuning the reaction rate, the deposition of the second metals, those are platinum and ruthenium, could site-selectively occur on specific facets of the seeds. The electrocatalytic activity of these multi-metal nanostructures are evaluated for methanol electro-oxidn. and compared with the std. platinum-ruthenium catalyst. Addnl., a comparison study of structure and compn. effects on the electrocatalytic activities, as well as the electronic coupling effects on the oxidn. states of the different components in these nanostructures, will be discussed to provide some guideline for rational design of next-generation electrocatalysts.