Fast-scan cyclic voltammetry and redox cycling for the detection of serotonin

by Pund, Melanie N.; Fritsch, Ingrid


A new approach for electrochem. detection of serotonin was investigated in vitro, with an interest in ultimately transferring the method for in vivo detection. Expts. were first performed by the use of fast-scan cyclic voltammetry to compare to literature responses and a new method of redox cycling was evaluated. Fast-scan cyclic voltammetry was completed at gold microband and glassy carbon microdisk electrodes at scan rates up to 200 V s-1. Evidence from scans of buffer alone suggests adsorption of 5-HT resulting in further amplification of signal by concg. 5-HT at the electrode. Redox cycling was accomplished with chronoamperometry method at devices having different sepns. between generator and collector microband electrodes. Smaller gaps provided a higher amplification factor and collection efficiency. Fabrication of interdigitated arrays with smaller sepns. is needed in future studies to detect the requisite physiol. concns.