Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy on optimized AgAu nanoparticles

by Huntington, Taylor; Perry, Donald; Chen, Jingyi


This lab. is investigating surface chem. of hollow nanoparticles constructed from Ag and Au. The goal of this investigation is to develop optimal AgAu nanoparticles for 660 nm surface-enhanced RAMAN spectroscopy (SERS). The formation of the hollow nanoparticles is through the galvanic replacement reaction. The changes of localized surface plasmon resonance from solid to hollow nanoparticles are monitored by UV-vis spectroscopy. Different amts. of Au exhibited different wavelengths in the UV-vis. The hollow nanoparticles are then deposited on to a CaF2 substrate. The initial reaction between the hollow AgAu nanoparticles and para-nitrobenzoic acid (P-NBA) in acetone is investigated through SERS mentioned above, and multiple layers of P-NBA soln. on the substrate are monitored using surface enhanced IR-spectroscopy (SEIRA).