Ceramic nanowires for diagnostic, therapeutic, and regenerative nanomedicines

by Chen, Feng; Dong, Wenjun; Cogbill, Andrew; Padilla, Carmen; Ali, Syed F.; Tian, Z. Ryan

Making multifunctional nanostructures with controlled morphol. and spatial organization across nm-f-m length scales is tech. important for developing truly viable new nanodevices such as nanosensors. We here present a series of oriented, organized titanate nanowires tailor-made from solns. at low cost. Multiple synthetic methods such as assembly, self-assembly, and corrosion have all been integrated together for making uniquely structured, assembled forms of nanowires with controlled morphologies and spatial organizations and in the forms of free-standing 2D sheets and 3D cups for, potentially, chem. and biomedical nanosensing, regenerative nanomedicine, nanodrugs, nanotherapeutics, to name but a few.