Sleep deprivation exacerbates concussive head injury induced brain pathology: Neuroprotective effects of nanowired delivery of cerebrolysin with alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone

by Sharma, Aruna; Muresanu, Dafin F.; Ozkizilcik, Asya; Tian, Z. Ryan; Lafuente, Jose Vicente; Manzhulo, Igor; Moessler, Herbert; Sharma, Hari Shanker

Sleep deprivation (SD) is very common in military personnel resulting in mental anomalies and interfering with decision-making capabilities. Moreover during combat operation, these sleep-deprived soldiers often receive blunt head trauma casing concussive head injury (CHI). Recent observations clearly suggest that SD alone induces brain pathology and additional CHI further exacerbates brain damage. Thus, the need of the hour is to explore possible effective therapeutic measures to induce neuroprotection to enhance quality of life of these military personnel. This review deals with novel aspects of treatment using nanotechnology to induce superior neuroprotection following CHI in SD based on our own investigation in the light of recent literature in the field.

Progress in Brain Research
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