Digital Services Department

Mission and Services

The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville Libraries' Digital Services Department primarily performs large-scale digitization projects of rare materials. The Libraries' Digital Collections site provides examples of those large-scale digitization projects. Digital Services' mission is to assist in the creation of multiform digital collections by generating accurate surrogates of selected materials. Digital Services provides dynamic and engaging services to our library users by enabling access to our digital materials, thus, contributing to the creativity, teaching and research of the UAF's community. The Digital Services Department was created July 2015.

The Digital Services Department’s consultations for the Fall 2020 semester will continue virtually for the time being. You can schedule a consultation or materials drop off and retrieval by contacting Martha Anderson at or by calling 479-575-2032.

The more likely days to drop off and to retrieve materials are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. However, we can accommodate extenuating circumstances by scheduling an appointment.


Featured Collections

Annual Reports, Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station

The Annual Reports provide an overview of the work of the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment stations in each fiscal year; in some cases, they are consolidated reports on a span of years, based on the progress in research on a particular crop or against a pest.