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Open Educational Resources (OER) are "free AND openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research and other purposes." (Creative Commons Wiki 2018). When used in the classroom they can be accessed by students for free or at a minimal cost. By collaborating to create high-quality shared texts, the academic community can dramatically lower the cost of textbooks and class materials for the students they teach.

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The University of Arkansas Libraries leads campus open and affordable initiatives intended to help decrease or eliminate the cost of course materials. Partnered with the Global Campus, we help faculty identify cost-free, openly-licensed course materials and library resources that enhance teaching and encourage student learning. These resources contribute to University efforts to decrease the cost of attendance for students.

University Libraries/Global Campus OER Team

Christine Rickabaugh

Christine Rickabaugh,
Open Education Librarian

Stephanie Pierce

Stephanie Pierce,
Head of Physics Library

Lora Lennertz

Lora Lennertz,
Director for Open Education, Data, and Publishing Services

Miran Kang

Miran Kang,
Director of Institutional and Design Services,
Global Campus

Ken Muessig

Ken Muessig,
Instructional Design Manager,
Global Campus

Camie Wood

Camie Wood,
Instructional Designer,
Global Campus

2023-24 OER Campus Advisory Group

The Open Education Campus Advisory Group (OER-CAG) assists in promoting Open Educational Resources (OER) awareness on the University of Arkansas campus, participates in and supports Open Education events and activities, and reviews OER Program Funding Applications. The group typically includes faculty, staff, administrators, ASG representatives, undergraduate students, and graduate students.

  • Karmen V. Bell, Clinical Instructor, Curriculum and Instruction
  • David Bostwick, Teaching Assistant Professor for Online Journalism and Interim Vice Chair, Journalism and Strategic Media
  • Margaret Butcher, Assistant Professor, Communication
  • Mostafa Elsaadany, Teaching Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Mo Leghari, General Manager, University of Arkansas Bookstore
  • Brooke Williard, ASG Director of Open Access Resources.
  • Jacquelyn Wiersma-Mosley, Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences

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