International Fulbrighters in the USA

Ismail Saad, professor of education, Pakistan, said, "I now love my country much better and understand it much better than I did before. . . . In my estimate, this is the greatest contribution of the Fulbright Program to my life."


President John F. Kennedy welcomes Irish teacher grantees to the Oval Office in July 1963. Ireland signed an agreement with the United States on March 16, 1957, for a program under the Fulbright Act.

"When I was a little girl, I dreamed I would someday build an immense palace with a great library. Every book would have its place and through them all the authors, living and dead, would speak to me. I awake as an adult and see that the dream has come true; the Fulbright Program has built a palace big enough for the whole world, big enough for us all to discover the world's knowledge and the richness of multiple cultures."

Carmen Varela, Fulbrighter from Spain, 1992

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