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The Fulbright Program, 1946-1996:
An Online Exhibit


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"My experience as a Rhodes scholar was the dominant influence in the creation of the Fulbright awards. . . . That experience, together with the devastation of the second World War and the existence of large uncollectible foreign credits, resulted in the bill creating the scholarships. . . . The recipients of these awards may be considered as grandchildren of Cecil Rhodes, scattered throughout the world."

Senator Fulbright, May 6, 1955,
in a letter to Dr. Frank Aydelotte, long-time secretary
of the Association of American Rhodes Scholars.


First Oxford Fulbright scholars meet with the Rhodes Trust at Rhodes House, November 26, 1949. Front row (left to right): Mrs. W. A. Binkley; Prof. K. C. Wheare; Mrs. Jensen; Dr. John Lowe, vice-chancellor of Oxford University; Rt. Hon. L. S. Amery; and Mrs. C. K. Allen. Second row (left to right): Prof. W. A. Binkley; Sir Edward Peacock; Mrs. R. S. Miller, Lord Elton; and Prof. M. Jensen. Third row (left to right): Mrs. E. B. Wilson; Prof. E. B. Wilson; R. S. Miller; and A. Pifer.

Photograph courtesy of Oxford Mail, November 28, 1949.



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