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Author: Ahrens, Caitlin Joannah

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TitlePublication NamePub. TypeYear
Investigation of the morphology and interpretation of Hekla Cavus, PlutoIcarusJournal Article2021
Labyrinth terrain on TitanIcarusJournal Article2020
Fundamental Planetary Science: Physics, Chemistry and HabitabilityAmerican MineralogistJournal Article2020
Modeling cryogenic mud volcanism on PlutoJournal of Volcanology and Geothermal ResearchJournal Article2020
Compressional Ridges on Baret Montes, Pluto as Observed by New HorizonsGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2019
A Global Inventory of Ice-Related Morphological Features on Dwarf Planet Ceres: Implications for the Evolution and Current State of the CryosphereJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article2019
Recent Advancements and Motivations of Simulated Pluto ExperimentsSpace Science ReviewsJournal Article2018
Comparison of the mineral composition of the sediment found in two Mars dunefields: Ogygis Undae and Gale crater - three distinct endmembers identifiedEarth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article2017