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Author: Akridge, David Glen

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Luminescence properties of chert and some archaeological applicationsJournal of Archaeological ScienceJournal Article2001
The gravitational and aerodynamic sorting of meteoritic chondrules and metal: Experimental results with implications for chondritic meteoritesJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article1999
Thermoluminescence and the thermal history of meteorites.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract1999
Size distribution of metal grains and chondrules in enstatite chondrites.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract1998
Nebular or parent body alteration of chondritic material: Neither or both?Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1998
The crystalline lunar spherules: Their formation and implications for the origin of meteoritic chondrulesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1998
The metamorphic history of eucrites and eucrite-related meteorites and the case for late metamorphismMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1997