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Author: Allen, Howell Raymond

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Characterization and chemical modification of E toxin isolated from timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus horridus) venomJournal of Natural ToxinsJournal Article1996
A Comparison of E-Toxin from Timber Rattlesnake Venom with Basic Toxins from Other Crotalid Venoms - Their Role in the Invivo Action of the Whole VenomsToxiconAbstract1987
Role of E Toxin in the Invivo Action of Timber Rattlesnake VenomJournal of Toxicology-Toxin ReviewsAbstract1986
Potentiation of the Toxicity of Basic Peptides from Rattlesnake Venoms by Sodium-AcetateToxiconJournal Article1986
Isolation and Characterization of the Weakly Acidic Hemorrhagins from Timber Rattlesnake VenomThrombosis and HaemostasisAbstract1985
Structure and Mechanism of Action of the Systemic E-Toxin of Crotalus-Horridus-Horridus VenomToxiconAbstract1985
Resistance of a Hemorrhagic Proteinase from Timber Rattlesnake Venom to Proteolytic DegradationToxiconJournal Article1984