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Author: Allen, Jimmy D.

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Multimolecular Substrate Reactions Catalyzed by Carbohydrases - Aspergillus-Oryzae-Alpha-Amylase Degradation of MaltooligosaccharidesBiochemistryJournal Article1978
Model for Carbohydrase Action - Aspergillus-Oryzae-Alpha-Amylase Degradation of MaltotrioseBiochemistryJournal Article1978
Repetitive Attack by Aspergillus-Oryzae Alpha-AmylaseCarbohydrate ResearchJournal Article1978
Subsite Mapping of Enzymes - Collecting and Processing Experimental-Data - Case-Study of an Amylase-Malto-Oligosaccharide SystemCarbohydrate ResearchJournal Article1976
Amylases as Transglycosylases - Shifted Substrate Binding and Multiple Transglycosylation ReactionsFederation ProceedingsAbstract1976
Subsite Mapping of Enzymes - Depolymerase Computer ModelingBiochemical JournalJournal Article1976
Subsite Mapping of Enzymes - Application of Depolymerase Computer Model to 2 Alpha-AmylasesBiochemical JournalJournal Article1976