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Author: Allen, Linda Ruth Swisher

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(Polypyridine)Ruthenium(Ii) Complexes Containing Sulfite, Bisulfite, and Sulfur-DioxideInorganic ChemistryJournal Article1988
Substitution and Isomerization-Reactions of (Polypyridyl)Ruthenium(III) Complexes and the Catalysis of Ruthenium(Ii) ReactionsInorganic ChemistryJournal Article1988
Substitution-Reactions of Ruthenium(Ii) Complexes Containing 2,2'-Bipyridine and 1,10-PhenanthrolineInorganic ChemistryJournal Article1987
Influence of Electronic and Structural Factors on Reactivity of Aquo Ruthenium ComplexesAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract1986