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Author: Briggs, Richard W.

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Thallium Nmr-SpectroscopyProgress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyJournal Article1988
Ti-205 Nuclear Magnetic-Resonance Study of the Thallium Complex of Lasalocid (X-537a)Journal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1980
Tl-205 and H-1 Nuclear Magnetic-Resonance Studies of the Complexes of Tl(I) with the Antibiotics Nonactin, Monactin, and DinactinJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1979
Ti-205 Nmr-Studies - Ion-Pairing of Ti+ and (Ch3)2ti+ with No-3(-) and Cio-4(-) in Various SolventsJournal of Solution ChemistryJournal Article1979
Application of Covington Non-Statistical Distribution of Solvate Species Theory to the Preferential Solvation of Ti+ in Various Binary Solvent SystemsJournal of Solution ChemistryJournal Article1979
Tl-205 Nmr-Spectroscopy - Solvation of Ti(I) Ion in Binary Solvent Systems Water-Pyridine, Water-Dimethyl Sulfoxide, and Pyridine-Dimethyl SulfoxideJournal of Solution ChemistryJournal Article1978
Tl-205 and Proton Nuclear Magnetic-Resonance Investigation of Complexation of Thallium by Ionophores Monensin and NigericinBiochemistryJournal Article1978
Tl-205 Nuclear Magnetic-Resonance Investigation of Thallium(I)-Valinomycin ComplexJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1978
Solvent Effects on Spin-Lattice Relaxation-Time of Tl-205+ IonJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1977
Infinite-Dilution Chemical-Shifts of Tl-205 in (Ch3)2tl(III) IonJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1977
Abinitio Scf Study of Binding of Li+ to BasesChemical Physics LettersJournal Article1977
Tl-205 Nmr-Spectroscopy - Solvation of Thallous Ion in Dilute Aqueous-Amide and Amide-Amide Binary Solvent Systems of Formamide, N-Methylformamide, and N-EthylformamideJournal of Solution ChemistryJournal Article1977
Th-205 Nmr-Spectroscopy .2. Tl-205 Chemical-Shifts and Coupling-Constants in Substituted Arylthallium(III)Bis(Trifluoroacetates)Journal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1976
Tl-205 Nmr-Spectroscopy .1. Tl-205(+1) Chemical-Shifts - Sensitive Probe for Preferential Solvation and Solution StructureJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1975