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Author: Edwards, Martin Andrew

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Next-Generation Nanopore Sensors Based on Conductive Pulse Sensing for Enhanced Detection of NanoparticlesSmallJournal Article2024
Simulation of the cyclic voltammetric response of an outer-sphere redox species with inclusion of electrical double layer structure and ohmic potential dropPhysical Chemistry Chemical PhysicsJournal Article2023
Mechanistic Study of the Conductance and Enhanced Single-Molecule Detection in a Polymer-Electrolyte NanoporeACS Nanoscience AuJournal Article2023
Evaluating Analytical Expressions for Scanning Electrochemical Cell Microscopy (SECCM)Analytical ChemistryJournal Article2023
Finite Element Modeling of the Combined Faradaic and Electrostatic Contributions to the Voltammetric Response of Monolayer Redox FilmsAnalytical ChemistryJournal Article2022
Electrochemical data mining: from information to knowledge: general discussionFaraday DiscussionsJournal Article2022
State of the art energy conversion at the nanointerface: general discussionFaraday DiscussionsJournal Article2022
Advanced nanoelectrochemistry implementation: from concept to application: general discussionFaraday DiscussionsJournal Article2022
Emerging electrochemical methods at the nanointerface: general discussionFaraday DiscussionsJournal Article2022
Flexible open-source nanoscale electrochemical microscopy.Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2022
Probing RNA Conformations Using a Polymer-Electrolyte Solid-State NanoporeACS NanoJournal Article2022
Stochasticity in single-entity electrochemistryCurrent Opinion in ElectrochemistryJournal Article2021
A High-Pressure System for Studying Oxygen Reduction During Pt Nanoparticle CollisionsJournal of the Electrochemical SocietyJournal Article2020