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Author: Guimon, Robert Kyle

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Chemical and Physical Studies of Type-3 Chondrites .12. The Metamorphic History of Cv-Chondrites and Their ComponentsMeteoriticsJournal Article1995
Metamorphism and Aqueous Alteration in Low Petrographic Type Ordinary ChondritesMeteoriticsJournal Article1995
The Thermo-Luminescence Properties of Mn-Plagioclase Mixtures with Implications for MeteoritesMeteoriticsAbstract1988
Alteration History of Type-3 Ordinary ChondritesMeteoriticsAbstract1988
The Thermo-Luminescence Properties of Chondrules from 3 Low Petrologic Type Ordinary ChondritesMeteoriticsAbstract1988
Chemical and Physical Studies of Type-3 Chondrites .9. Thermo-Luminescence and Hydrothermal Annealing Experiments and Their Relationship to Metamorphism and Aqueous Alteration in Type Less-Than-3.3 Ordinary ChondritesGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article1988
Thermo-Luminescence of Separated Allegan Chondrules and Chondrite Thermal History and Cooling RatesMeteoriticsAbstract1987
Secondary Alteration History of Type 3 Ordinary ChondritesMeteoriticsAbstract1987
Metamorphism Versus Aqueous Alteration in Type 3.0-3.3 Ordinary ChondritesMeteoriticsAbstract1986
Thermo-Luminescence and Metamorphism of Allende and Its CaiMeteoriticsAbstract1986
Chemical and Physical Studies of Type-3 Chondrites .7. Annealing Studies of the Dhajala H3.8 Chondrite and the Thermal History of Chondrules and ChondritesEarth and Planetary Science LettersJournal Article1986
Volatile Behaviors of Polonium and Protoactinium in the Heating Experiments on PitchblendeGeochemical JournalJournal Article1986
The Thermo-Luminescence Sensitivity Metamorphism Relationship in Ordinary Chondrites - Experimental-Data on the Mechanism and Implications for Terrestrial SystemsGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article1986
Radioactive Strontium Fallout from the Nuclear-Powered Satellite Cosmos-1402Geochemical JournalJournal Article1985
Chemical and Physical Studies of Type-3 Chondrites .4. Annealing Studies of a Type-3.4 Ordinary Chondrite and the Metamorphic History of MeteoritesGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article1985
An Annealing Study of Dhajala, an H3.8 Chondrite, and Application to the Palaeothermometry of MeteoritesMeteoriticsAbstract1985
Thermo-Luminescence as a PaleothermometerMeteoriticsAbstract1984
Thermo-Luminescence as a PaleothermometerNatureJournal Article1984