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Author: Hartmetz, Christopher Pate

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TitlePublication NamePub. TypeYear
The induced thermoluminescence and thermal history of plagioclase feldsparsAmerican MineralogistJournal Article2001
Structural State and Anomalous Fading of Thermoluminescence of OligoclaseNuclear Tracks and Radiation MeasurementsJournal Article1990
Thermo-Luminescence Properties of Shocked and Annealed Plagioclases with Implications for MeteoritesMeteoriticsAbstract1987
Thermo-Luminescence Studies of Annealed Plagioclase FeldsparsMeteoriticsAbstract1986
A Thermo-Luminescence Study of Experimentally Shock-Loaded Oligoclase and BytowniteJournal of Geophysical Research-Solid EarthJournal Article1986
Anomalous Fading of Thermo-Luminescence in MeteoritesJournal of LuminescenceJournal Article1986