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Author: Mao, Hua

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Novel Modulator of Na(v)1.1 and Na(v)1.2 Na+ Channels in Rat Neuronal CellsACS Medicinal Chemistry LettersJournal Article2010
Synthesis and quartz surface modification of 9,10-di-subsituted-anthracene 18-crown-6 chemosensors for the detection of saxitoxinAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2008
Synthesis of 9,10-Di-Substituted-Anthracene 18-Crown-6 Chemosensors and Quartz Surface Modification for the Detection of the Paralytic Shellfish ToxinsAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract2008
Visible fluorescence chemosensor for saxitoxinJournal of Organic ChemistryJournal Article2007
Effect of crown ether ring size on binding and fluorescence response to saxitoxin in anthracylmethyl monoazacrown ether chemosensorsCanadian Journal of Chemistry-Revue Canadienne de ChimieJournal Article2006