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Author: Moore, Shauntae Renee

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TitlePublication NamePub. TypeYear
On laboratory simulation and the effect of small temperature oscillations about the freezing point and ice formation on the evaporation rate of water on MarsAstrobiologyJournal Article2006
On laboratory simulation and the evaporation rate of water on MarsGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2005
The origin of chondrites: Metal-silicate separation experiments under microgravity conditions - IIGeophysical Research LettersJournal Article2003
NWA505: A new LL3.0 chondrite with evidence for chondrule formation in a dust-rich environment.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract2002
Petrologic classifications of type 3 ordinary chondrites and a CO chondrite from the sahara.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract2002