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Author: Morris, Kyla Marie Morinini

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Intrinsic GTP hydrolysis is observed for a switch 1 variant of Cdc42 in the presence of a specific GTPase inhibitorSmall GTPasesJournal Article2016
Intrinsic GTP Hydrolysis is Observed For a Switch 1 Mutant of Cdc42 in the Presence of a Specific GTPase InhibitorProtein ScienceAbstract2014
Characterization of the Interaction between Rheb and a Truncated Construct of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex 2 (TSC2) and the Potential Effect of Heparin on TSC2-Stimulated GTP HydrolysisBiophysical JournalAbstract2013
A Characterization of the Protein-Protein Interaction of the Ras Protein, Rheb, with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex 2 (TSC2), and the Effect of Heparin Mimicking Biomolecules on This InteractionProtein ScienceAbstract2012