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Author: Scott, Syrona R.

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4,4'-Dinitro-2,2'-Biimidazole Dimethylformamide SolvateActa Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure CommunicationsJournal Article1995
Copper(Ii) and Cobalt(Ii) Complexes of 2,2-Diphenyl-4,4,6,6-Tetrakis(1-Pyrazolyl)Cyclotriphosphazene, N(3)P(3)Ph(2)Pz(4) - X-Ray Crystal-Structure of N(3)P(3)Ph(2)Pz(4)Center-Dot-Cocl2-Center-Dot-0.5ch(2)Cl(2)PolyhedronJournal Article1995
5-Coordinate Copper(Ii) Complexes of Gem-N(3)P(3)Ph(2)(Dmpz)(4)PolyhedronJournal Article1995
Charge-Transfer Complexes of 4-Phenyl-1,2,3,5-Dithiadiazolyl and 4-Phenyl-1,2,3,5-Diselenadiazolyl with Iodine - Preparation and Solid-State Characterization of [Phcn2e2]3[I3] (E=S, Se) and [Phcn2s2][I3]Chemistry of MaterialsJournal Article1994
The Reaction of Cpru(Pph3)2+ with Trimethylenesulfide - Synthesis and Molecular and Crystal-Structure of [Cpru(Pph3)2(Sc3h6)]Cf3so3Inorganica Chimica ActaJournal Article1994
Prototypal 1,2,3,5-Dithiadiazolyl and 1,2,3,5-Diselenadiazolyl [Hcn2e2].(E = S, Se) - Molecular and Electronic-Structures of the Radicals and Their Dimers, by Theory and ExperimentJournal of the American Chemical SocietyJournal Article1993
The Use of S-N and Se-N Radical Units in the Design of Molecular Conductors - Structural AspectsAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract1993
Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Mononuclear and Dinuclear Copper-Complexes of a Pyrazolylcyclotriphosphazene - Crystal-Structure of an Unusual Cyclotriphosphazene-Bridged Dicopper ComplexJournal of the Chemical Society-Dalton TransactionsJournal Article1993
Preparation and Solid-State Structural, Electronic, and Magnetic-Properties of the 5-Cyano-1,3-Benzene-Bridged Bis(1,2,3,5-Dithiadiazolyl) and Bis(1,2,3,5-Diselenadiazolyl) [5-Cn-1,3-C6h3(Cn2e2)2] (E = S, Se)Chemistry of MaterialsJournal Article1993
Unusual Tridentate N-3 Capping Coordination Behavior of Hexakis(3,5-Dimethylpyrazolyl)Cyclotriphosphazene, N3p3(3,5-Me2pz)6 - Synthesis, Spectroscopy, and Electrochemistry of Mononuclear and Dinuclear Copper(Ii) Complexes and the X-Ray Structure of N3p3(3Inorganic ChemistryJournal Article1993
Preparation and P-31 Nmr Characterization of N-Bonded Complexes of Platinum(Ii) with a Phosphadithiatriazine - X-Ray Structure of Trans-Ptcl2(Pet3)(Eta-1-N-Ph2ps2n3)Canadian Journal of Chemistry-Revue Canadienne de ChimieJournal Article1992
Preparation and Solid-State Characterization of 1,2,3,5-Diselenadiazolyl [Hcn2se2]Journal of the Chemical Society-Chemical CommunicationsJournal Article1992