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Author: Sheng, Zhengzhi

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The Occurrence of Ccfx Xenon in the Earths InteriorGeochemical JournalJournal Article1987
Elemental and Isotopic Heterogeneities of Rare-Gases in the Solar-SystemGeochemical JournalJournal Article1987
Isotopic Composition of Xenon in the Solar-SystemGeochemical JournalJournal Article1986
Volatile Behaviors of Polonium and Protoactinium in the Heating Experiments on PitchblendeGeochemical JournalJournal Article1986
Anomalous Xenon Isotopes in the Antarctic Carbonaceous Chondrite BelgicaGeochemical JournalJournal Article1986
Further-Studies on the Separation of Acid Residues with Extremely High U-234/U-238 Ratios from a Colorado CarnotiteRadiochimica ActaJournal Article1986
Isotopic Fractionation of Uranium - Extremely High Enrichments of U-234 in the Acid-Residues of a Colorado CarnotiteRadiochimica ActaJournal Article1986
Radioactive Strontium Fallout from the Nuclear-Powered Satellite Cosmos-1402Geochemical JournalJournal Article1985
Atmospheric Injections of Po-210 from the Recent Volcanic EruptionsGeochemical JournalJournal Article1985
Anomalous Behaviors of Protoactinium in the Acid-Leaching Experiments on PitchblendeJournal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear ChemistryJournal Article1985
The Alpha-Recoil Effects of Uranium in the Oklo ReactorNatureJournal Article1984
Alpha-Recoil Effects of Uranium Isotopes in Radioactive MineralsRadiochimica ActaJournal Article1984
Sr-90 Fallout from the Nuclear-Weapons Tests and Po-210 Fallout from the Volcanic-EruptionsAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract1983