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Author: Smith, Harry Thomas

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Enzymatic Trimethylation of Lysine-72 in Cytochrome-CEuropean Journal of BiochemistryJournal Article1983
The Reaction of the Trifluoromethylphenylcarbamylated Lysine-13 Derivative of Horse Cytochrome-C with Cytochrome-OxidaseBiochimica et Biophysica Acta-Protein Structure and Molecular EnzymologyJournal Article1982
Electrostatic Interaction of Cytochrome-C with Cytochrome-C1 and Cytochrome-OxidaseJournal of Biological ChemistryJournal Article1981
Reaction of Cytochrome-Oxidase with Trifluoromethylphenylcarbamylated Lysine 13 Derivative of Cytochrome-CFederation ProceedingsAbstract1981
Involvement of Lysine-72 and Lysine-79 in the Alkaline Isomerization of Horse Heart Ferricytochrome-CBiochemistryJournal Article1980
Effect of Ionic-Strength on the Reaction of Cytochrome-C with Cytochromes-B5, Cytochromes-C1, and OxidaseFederation ProceedingsAbstract1979
Effect of Specific Lysine Modification on Reduction of Cytochrome-C by Succinate-Cytochrome C ReductaseFederation ProceedingsAbstract1978
Effect of Specific Lysine Modification on Reduction of Cytochrome-C by Succinate-Cytochrome-C ReductaseBiochemistryJournal Article1978
Effect of Modification of Individual Cytochrome-C Lysines on Reaction with Cytochrome-B5BiochemistryJournal Article1977
Use of Specific Lysine Modifications to Locate Reaction Site of Cytochrome-C with Cytochrome-OxidaseBiochemistryJournal Article1977
Reaction between Cytochrome B5 and Cytochrome-C Derivatives Modified at Single Lysine ResiduesFederation ProceedingsAbstract1977
Enzyme-Kinetics and F-19 Nuclear Magnetic-Resonance Studies of Selectively Trifluoroacetylated Cytochrome-C DerivativesFederation ProceedingsAbstract1976
Enzyme-Kinetics and F-19 Nuclear Magnetic-Resonance Study of Selectively Trifluoroacetylated Cytochrome-C DerivativesBiochemistryJournal Article1976