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Author: Symes, Steven James Kenneth

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Properties of chondrules in EL3 chondrites, comparison with EH3 chondrites, and the implications for the formation of enstatite chondritesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article2002
The induced thermoluminescence and thermal history of plagioclase feldsparsAmerican MineralogistJournal Article2001
Possible mass-independent oxygen-isotopic fractionation in the mesostasis of a Semarkona group A1 chondrule.Meteoritics and Planetary ScienceAbstract1999
The crystalline lunar spherules: Their formation and implications for the origin of meteoritic chondrulesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1998
The metamorphic history of eucrites and eucrite-related meteorites and the case for late metamorphismMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1997
Constraints on the thermal and mixing history of lunar surface materials and comparisons with basaltic meteoritesJournal of Geophysical Research-PlanetsJournal Article1997
The thermal and radiation exposure history of lunar meteoritesMeteoritics and Planetary ScienceJournal Article1996
Chemical and Physical Studies of Type-3 Chondrites .12. The Metamorphic History of Cv-Chondrites and Their ComponentsMeteoriticsJournal Article1995
Axtell, a New Cv3 Chondrite Find from TexasMeteoriticsJournal Article1995
Thermal History Tale of 2 Bodies - What Did the Hed Parent Body Have That the Moon DidntMeteoriticsAbstract1995
The Thermal History of Lunar Rocks, Regolith and Lunar Meteorites - Secondary Processing as Viewed by ThermoluminescenceMeteoriticsAbstract1992
Natural Thermoluminescence and Anomalous Fading - Terrestrial Age, Transit Times and Perihelia of Lunar MeteoritesMeteoriticsAbstract1991
The Natural Thermoluminescence of Meteorites .3. Lunar and Basaltic MeteoritesGeochimica Et Cosmochimica ActaJournal Article1991