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Author: Turner, Gary L.

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A Solid-State Ti-205 NMR-Study of the TL+-Lasalocid and TL+-Gramicidin ComplexesJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1985
Tl-205 and C-13 Nmr-Study of the Tl(I)-Enniatin-B ComplexJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1984
A TL-205 and C-13 NMR-Study of the Tl(I)-Gramicidin-A Association in DimethylsulfoxideJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1983
Difference in Association of Tl(I) with Gramicidin-a and Gramicidin-B in Trifluoroethanol Determined by Tl-205 NmrBiochimica et Biophysica Acta-General SubjectsJournal Article1983
Tl-205 Nuclear Magnetic-Resonance Study of the Thallium(I) Gramicidin-a Association in TrifluoroethanolBiochemistryJournal Article1982
A TL-205 NMR-Study of Thallium Acetate Ion Association in 2,2,2-Trifluoroethanol and DimethylsulfoxideJournal of Solution ChemistryJournal Article1982
Tl-205 Nmr-Studies of the Tl(I) Ion Complexation by Gramicidin in Non-Aqueous and Micelle SolutionsPure and Applied ChemistryJournal Article1982
A TL-205 NMR Investigation of the Thallium (I)-Gramicidin ComplexJournal of Magnetic ResonanceJournal Article1981