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Author: Yu, Chin

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A superior drug carrier - aponeocarzinostatin in partially unfolded state fully protects the labile antitumor enediyneJournal of Biomedical ScienceJournal Article2009Find It
Is association of labile enediyne chromophore a mutually assured protection for carrier protein?Analytical BiochemistryJournal Article2008Find It
Assembly of chloroplast signal recognition particle involves structural rearrangement in cpSRP43Journal of Molecular BiologyJournal Article2008Find It
Relevance of partially structured states in the non-classical secretion of acidic fibroblast growth factorBiochemistryJournal Article2007Find It
S100A13-lipid interactions - role in the non-classical release of the acidic fibroblast growth factorBiochimica et Biophysica Acta-BiomembranesJournal Article2007Find It
Carbon nanotubes prevent 2,2,2 trifluoroethanol induced aggregation of proteinCarbonJournal Article2007Find It
Cardiotoxin from taiwan cobra (Naja naja atra): Structure, dynamics, interaction and protein foldingToxin ReviewsJournal Article2007Find It
Structure function relationships of cobrotoxin from Naja naja atraToxin ReviewsJournal Article2007Find It
Release of FGF1 and p40 synaptotagmin 1 correlates with their membrane destabilizing abilityBiochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsJournal Article2006Find It
Cold instability of aponeocarzinostatin and its stabilization by labile chromophore. Erratum to document cited in CA143:148568]Biophysical JournalJournal Article2006Find It
Copper binding affinity of S100A13, a key component of the FGF-1 nonclassical copper-dependent release complexBiophysical JournalJournal Article2006Find It
Three-Dimensional Solution Structure of a Unique S100 ProteinAbstracts, 57th Southeast/61st Southwest Joint Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Memphis, TN, United States, November 1-4Abstract2005Find It