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Author: Yu, Ching-Hsing

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Catalytically enhanced endocellulase Cel5A from Acidothermus cellulolyticusApplied Biochemistry and BiotechnologyJournal Article2005
Reaction of CpRu(PPh3)(2)Cl with six-member cyclothioethers. Structures of the [CpRu(PPh3)(x)L]Y complexes (L = pentamethylene sulfide, x=2, Y=BF4-; L = 1,3-dithiane; 1,3,5-trithiane, x=2, Y=CF3SO3-; L=1,4-dithiane, x=1, Y=BF4-)Journal of Chemical CrystallographyJournal Article2003
Molecular dynamics simulations of adsorption of organic compounds at the clay mineral/aqueous solution interfaceStructural ChemistryJournal Article2003
Quantum molecular dynamics simulations regarding the dechlorination of trichloro ethene in the interlayer space of the 2 : 1 clay mineral nontroniteJournal of Physical Chemistry AJournal Article2002
Ab initio study of the nonequivalence of adsorption of D- and L-peptides on clay mineral surfacesStructural ChemistryJournal Article2001
Ab initio conformational analysis of N-formyl L-alanine amide including electron correlationJournal of Molecular StructureJournal Article2001
Molecular dynamics simulations of the adsorption of proteins on clay mineral surfacesJournal of Molecular StructureJournal Article2000
Molecular dynamics simulations of the adsorption of methylene blue at clay mineral surfacesClays and Clay MineralsJournal Article2000
Ab initio structural trends and torsional sensitivity in n-hexane and comparisons with crystallographic structural resultsJournal of Molecular Structure-TheochemJournal Article2000
Ab initio study of the conformational dependence of the nonplanarity of the peptide groupJournal of Physical Chemistry AJournal Article2000
Local geometry trends and torsional sensitivity in N-formyl-L-alanyl-L-alanine amide and the limitations of the dipeptide approximationJournal of Physical Chemistry AJournal Article1999
Some general aspects of torsional sensitivity and the GG-effectJournal of Molecular StructureJournal Article1999
Ab initio conformational analysis of the model tripeptide N-formyl-L-alanyl-L-alanine amideCanadian Journal of Chemistry-Revue Canadienne de ChimieJournal Article1998
Ab initio geometry determinations of proteins. 1. CrambinJournal of Physical Chemistry AJournal Article1998
Ab initio investigations pertaining to aluminum in tetrahedral versus octahedral sites of clay mineralsJournal of Molecular StructureJournal Article1998
Molecular dynamics simulations of sorption of organic compounds at the clay mineral aqueous solution interfaceJournal of Computational ChemistryJournal Article1998
Phi/Psi-Torsional dependence of peptide backbone bond-lengths and bond-angles: Comparison of crystallographic and calculated parametersJournal of Molecular StructureJournal Article1997
Reaction of Cpru(Pph3)2+ with CyclothioethersAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical SocietyAbstract1995