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Evaluation of laser-based polarimetry for the determination of enantiomeric excess (ee) at the extremes of the ee scaleBobbitt II, Donald R.Microchemical Journal2004
Investigation of dynamically modified optical-fiber sensors for pH sensing at the extremes of the pH scaleBobbitt II, Donald R.Microchemical Journal2001
Compositional analysis of small peptides using capillary electrophoresis and Ru(bpy)(3)(3+)-based chemiluminescence detectionBobbitt II, Donald R.Microchemical Journal2000
Optical Fiber-Based Sensor for Calcium using Hydrophobically Associated Calcein and Laser-Induced Fluorescence DetectionBobbitt II, Donald R.Microchemical Journal1994
Voltammetric and Chemiluminescent Characterization of a Heptyl-Thiol Derivative of Ruthenium Tris Bipyridine Self-Adsorbed Onto Indium Tin Oxide SubstratesBobbitt II, Donald R.Microchemical Journal1994
Instrumental Development of an Inexpensive Double-Layer Capacitance Meter for Studying Surface-Adsorption PhenomenaPaul, David W.Microchemical Journal1992
Bioluminescent Detection of Insect Pheromones using an Enzyme-Based Flow-Injection Analysis SystemBobbitt II, Donald R.Microchemical Journal1991
Identification and Quantitation of Gentamicin in Milk using Hplc Separation and Laser-Based Polarimetric DetectionBobbitt II, Donald R.Microchemical Journal1991