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Concussive Head Injury Exacerbates Alzheimer's Disease Pathophysiology. Neuroprotection by Nanowired Delivery of Cerebrolysin with Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase Antibodies and Mesenchymal Stem CellsTian, Z. RyanBrain Injury2019
Nano Wired Delivery of Antibodies to Amyloid Beta Peptide, Phosphorylated Tau and Serotonin Together with Cerebrolysin Induces Superior Neuroprotection Following Sleep Deprivation Induced Exacerbation of Alzheimer's Disease PathophysiologyTian, Z. RyanBrain Injury2019
Traumatic brain injury in diabetic and hypertensive rats exacerbates brain pathology and functional outcome-role of neurotrophic factors and nanomedicineTian, Z. RyanBrain Injury2017
Concussive head injury exacerbates sleep deprivation-induced brain pathology. Co-administration of nanowired antioxidant H-290/51 and serotonin 5-HT6 receptor antagonist SB-399885Tian, Z. RyanBrain Injury2017
Mild traumatic brain injury exacerbates Alzheimer's disease brain pathology: Neuroprotective effects of nanowired mesenchymal cells and cerebrolysinTian, Z. RyanBrain Injury2017
Nanodelivery of cerebrolysin induces profound neuroprotection in heat stroke following chronic hypertension in combination with carbon nanoparticles induced exacerbation of brain damageTian, Z. RyanBrain Injury2016
Cold environment exacerbates brain pathology and oxidative stress following traumatic brain injuries. Potential therapeutic effects of nanowired cerebrolysinTian, Z. RyanBrain Injury2016
Nanodrug delivery of a multimodal novel drug cerebrolysin reduces engineered nanoparticles induced aggravation of heat stroke induced ubiquitin expression and brain pathologyTian, Z. RyanBrain Injury2016