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A method to culture chicken enterocytes and their characterizationLay Jr, Jackson OliverPoultry Science2018
Isolation and characterization of chicken bile matrix metalloproteinaseLay Jr, Jackson OliverPoultry Science2014
Direct screening identifies mature beta-defensin 2 in avian heterophilsLay Jr, Jackson OliverPoultry Science2009
Matrix metalloproteinase in avian bile fluidKumar, Thallapuranam Krishnaswamy SureshPoultry Science2008
Regulation of thymosin beta 4 in chicken macrophages by Toll-like receptor activationLay Jr, Jackson OliverPoultry Science2008
Identification of antimicrobial peptides in avian heterophils using whole cell MALDI-TOFLay Jr, Jackson OliverPoultry Science2007
Identification of potential feed efficiency biomarkersLay Jr, Jackson OliverPoultry Science2007
Differential expression of mitochondrial and extramitochondrial proteins in lymphocytes of male broilers with low and high feed efficiencyLay Jr, Jackson OliverPoultry Science2006
Identification and characterization of thymosin beta 4 in chicken macrophagesLay Jr, Jackson OliverPoultry Science2006
Differential expression of proteins in lymphocytes of low and high feed efficient male broilersLay Jr, Jackson OliverPoultry Science2005
Proteins were differentially expressed in the plasma from high and low feed efficient broilersLay Jr, Jackson OliverPoultry Science2004
Steady-state levels of mitochondrial phosphoproteins in broilers with and without pulmonary hypertension syndromeLay Jr, Jackson OliverPoultry Science2004
Action Spectrum of Antiviral Factor from Chicken SeraThoma, John A.Poultry Science1991
Antiviral Substances in Chicken Sera Possessing Activity Against Rous-Sarcoma Virus and Newcastles Disease VirusThoma, John A.Poultry Science1983